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This is how we do 🍉 🧁🍴

This is how we do 🍉 🧁🍴

White small embroidered linen


Beautiful white large tablecloth


Large embroidered tablecloth


Gorgeous floral embroidered tablecloth


Stunning circular embroidered tablecloth


Beautiful embroidered small tablecloth


Pastel Pink placemats and napkins

christmas placemat, linens, Christmas decor, Christmas tree, vintage linens

Exquisite Christmas embroidered placemats and napkins


Christmas placemats set for 8


7 retro 1980's brown placemats

linen, tablecloth, placemat, vintage, embroidery, table setting , napkins

5 hand embroidered napkins

 embroidery, tablecloth, lace, table setting , pink florals,

Circular vintage lace tablecloth

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